Greetings Community,

A Quick list of Updates:

By MeTaLiVo:
- Implemented new Armory.
- New characters need to have played 30 Minutes before being able to chat.
- Only Administration can see IP's now.
- Hotfix for falling under Dalaran Arena when being feared.
- Deathknight: Fixed Gargoyle Target. (Needs more work to control it properly)

By Cory:
- Totems will correctly return Immune if targetted by a beneficial player spell.
- Fixed Hunter Frost Trap Bug.
- Arena: Fixed Shadowsight being right clickable.
- Fixed haste on several mounts.

By Solvias:
- Arenas / Battlegrounds: Added Mage / Warlock Food Table - Soulwell Script
- Enchanter: Describe what stats an enchant gives rather then its name + iconized the menu.